Designed originally by American Tony Lapine, the 928 was engineered and built in Stuttgart, Germany. It featured the first V8 engine in a Porsche production car and was a departure from the aging 911 design with water cooling, a front engine and rear transaxle. It's design, handling and engineering advances, which did not appear on american cars until more than a decade later, stunned the automotive world in 1978 and earned it Motor Trend car of the year honors. The 1983 "S" version was the fastest Porsche and fastest production car sold in the US. The 1985 928 "S3" featured front and rear spoilers, a 32 valve V8 engine producing 288 bhp and rear wheel steering via the Weissach axle. A later version (the S4) tested by Road and Track magazine proved to be faster than the epitome of exotic sports cars, the Lamborghini Countach [1]. Even 25 years after its initial design, it appears fresh and new and continues to be respected as one of the greatest GT cars ever conceived.


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